Some Recent Comments from my ReverbNation Fans

I really love your music. Very talented! Love the feel and the lyric!! Great work!! Joe

Stopping by for a listen Steve! Awesome Music! Much Respect Melody

Just dropped in for a listen. Great job. JV

Hello from France, thanks for this ouest music

Absolutely LOVE “Soft, soft place to fall” Keep this up man!! Ila

Hello Steve from Tulsa, Oklahoma! You are very versatile and have an impressive lineup of music. Love your genuineality (if that’s even a word LOL!) Best Wishes – Angie

Awesome songs. Love the vocals. keep them coming.

Hi Steve, Like what you are doing in “She Said Yes”. I like the progressions. Stormy

Hi Steve ~ … Excellent originals..Love the smooth sound of your vocals and the guitars. Like to hear more of the praise. Without Jesus we are nothing but an empty shell. good luck to you in all that you do. xxoo Miss KAT

Great music!!! 🙂

What a great time we live in ,to have the internet as a vehicle.Well what a nice touch in your music the message is important as well.Thank you is not enough

Steve, great to know you…, there is great honestly to your music, which I love. Nice voice!! Susan

Steve! What a great sense of humor you have!! I love your original songs, and you have such a fabulous voice! Best of luck to you in everything you do! David

Hi Steve, I listened to some of your music and I really liked it! Great acoustic guitar and vocals. Liked the variety. Some very funny songs! Blessings, Take care, Jeannie

Steve, nice to meet you at the Deland Original Music Festival 2009! Your music is fun, your  songs are easy to listen to, and your smile lights up the room! Gail

Nice soothing and honest music-I like! Peace

Hey Steve, I just became a fan. I really enjoyed listening to your music!

Hi Steve! I enjoyed visiting your page and listening to your music. I enjoyed the songs you cover, as well! You have great feeling and your live presentations are well-performed. Very mood-setting…it felt as if I was right there listening to the performance!!! Wishing you all the best and much continued success.  Much Love, DD

Thanks to everyone who took the time to write!

BTW, I now have several Ringtones, Music Downloads and a few other items available at My Store

Taking you back to a simpler time… with music,

Steve Falter

Songwriter, Musician, Entertainer, Instructor


The Latest Top 10 Song & Video Plays – Which one is YOUR favorite?

Top 10 Song Plays on my Web Site (click on the song to listen)


Song Title



Tootsie Pop Blues by Steve Falter © 2009



Julie’s Dentist Visit Blues by Steve Falter © 2009



A Soft, Soft Place To Fall by Steve Falter © 2007



If It Looks Like A Duck It Must Be Love by Steve Falter © 2007



If I Could Be Your Mirror by Steve Falter and Parlor Jones © 2010



Guardrails Of My Life by Steve Falter © 2010



Who Is They by Steve Falter © 2004



Thinkin’ ‘Bout You (Scratch Demo) by Steve Falter © 2004



I Talk To God by Steve Falter © 2009



He Held Nothing Back by Steve Falter © 2010


Top Video Plays on my Web Site (click on the Video Title to watch)


Song Title



Open Mic Fridays – Promo Video



If You Won’t Leave Me (I’ll Find Someone Who Will)



If It Looks Like A Duck, It Must Be Love – Taste of Oviedo



God Loves You Even More – Taste of Oviedo



De La Vega Video Referral



Tootsie Pop Blues – Taste of Oviedo



I Dig Rock-n-Roll Music – Taste of Oviedo



Stormy Monday – Taste of Oviedo



Guardrails of My Life – Taste of Oviedo



A Soft, Soft Place To Fall – Taste of Oviedo


Check out the latest video of my 1st Country song

Steve Falter – If You Won’t Leave Me (I’ll Find Someone Who Will)

Words & Music by Steve Falter © 2009

Video – If You Won’t Leave me (I’ll Find Someone Who Will)

This is my first Country Song. I wrote the lyrics in ’05 but the music didn’t come along until ’09. My friend, Scott (Bubba), recorded this at one of my gigs. God provided the lighting – sunset coming through the picture windows to my right. Very cool. I hope you like it.

I’m working on my second Country song, “You’ve Got A Husband For That”, inspired by a comment that Scott made one day. Stay tuned……

Taking you back to a simpler time… with music,


06/07/10 Gig Report – Mayfair Mondays at Mayfair Country Club

Our second Mayfair Monday brought some more new friends in to enjoy the great food, service, atmosphere and music. We had an assortment of golfers, families and a group of ladies saying goodbye to a friend who is moving to Alaska.

April, Christina, Crystal and Theresa provided their usual excellent service to our guests and everybody was raving about Chef Arthur’s food, course by course, as it came to their tables. Tonight I had the house salad with Chef Arthur’s home made creamy lemon dressing and the Pork Tenderloin with stuffing and mixed veggies and I could barely finish it, there was so much food. By the way, that salad dressing is crazy good!

Meanwhile, back on the stage….. the Mayfair crowd really seems to like making song requests and I love it. After all, I’m here to play what you folks want to hear. Remember, if I don’t know your song or artist, I’ll learn it for next week. Just come on back and ask for it again.

In tonight’s slideshow you’ll see Di, Cherie and Amy saying farewell to Glenda. She’s driving to Alaska and Di dedicated and sang Me and Bobby McGee for her. There’s also a pic of Di singing, too. A shot of one of our family tables is there and  I had the pleasure of taking a picture with April, Christina and Theresa.

I tell you, GM Steve Phillips is building the dinners at Mayfair into a great evening out, so what are you waiting for? He’s also running some incredible membership specials. Come and experience it for yourself

I’ll see you there!

Taking you back to a simpler time… with music,


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05/31/10 Gig Report – Mayfair Mondays at Mayfair Country Club

Thanks to all of you who came out for our rainy Memorial Day pre-pre-soft opening. The $10 all you can eat, freshly prepared REAL food was excellent (thanks to Chef Arthur Sturgis), the service was top notch (thanks to Lauren and Josh) and the vibe in the room (thanks to GM Steve Phillips) was relaxed. But it was you who made it a great, fun evening. I’ve never done so many requests in one night before and I love it!

First, a special thank you to my friends who came, and brought more friends. Scott, Cherie and Brett & Carole, you’re the best!

The other folks jumped right in and every table was calling out requests. Heck, even Chef Arthur came out and made one! I would say about half of my sets were requests and there were only one or two that I didn’t have. You all know my policy. If I don’t know your song or artist, I’ll learn it for next the week. You just have to come back to hear it.

Those of you who know me know that I only perform at venues where I can rave about the food, service and atmosphere. Just so there’s no mistake, I am officially raving….. you have to come to The Restaurant at Mayfair Country Club. We’ve got everything you want, and need, for a great and affordable night out. All you have to do is show up!

So…. what are you waiting for? Put it on the calendar now!

Taking you back to a simpler time… with music,


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05/08/10 Weekend Gig Report– Saturday with Steve & Open Mic Sundays at De La Vega Restaurante Y Galeria

There is a reason that De La Vega Restaurante Y Galeria feels like home to me. There is a reason that our regulars are, well, regulars and, if you come out, you’ll know why.

No matter who is in the audience, no matter which musicians come to Open Mic Sundays, no matter what the weather is like, we ALWAYS have a great time thanks to the De La Vega family and their staff! The food is authentic, consistently excellent, and hot. The service, hmmm…. I defy you to find better anywhere! The music, well, if you’re not in the groove, I have it on good authority we’ll help you get there – just tell me what song, artist, or genre you want to hear, and I’ll make it happen!

I have to say that Open Mic Sunday was the highlight of my weekend, thanks to husband and wife duo, Bill & Eli Perras. I have known of Bill & Eli for about seven years, but we’ve always been on opposite ends of the planet with our schedules.

I don’t care how badly you want to come to my gigs, if Bill & Eli are performing, go hear them! They have a busy schedule and are booked throughout the country. I perform locally every week, so catch my next show. Their style is storytelling with music and Eli’s expressiveness and signing is entertaining and just draws you in. There you have it. A couple in love with each other, in love with the music, and letting you feel their love. Don’t pass up the chance to get some of what they are sharing!

A special thank you to all the families who came out to share their Mother’s Day with us!

Taking you back to a simpler time…. with music,


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Enjoy the Slideshow!

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Last Chance to Vote…

… for your favorite Video from Taste of Oviedo. The voting is only open for one more week!

What a great day. Perfect Florida weather, great crowd, had my son, Chris on stage with me, did some duets with Bethany Banks and Daniel Howard sat in and played lead on a few tunes. Yeah!

I started my set with a mix of covers and original songs. Then Bethany Banks came on stage and did a killer job singing that great Blues standard Stormy Monday. Ahh, but the best was doing Tootsie Pop Blues, which I wrote after Bethany made a comment, on FaceBook, about Tootsie Pops.

The highlight of the set was having my son, Chris, on stage while I sang God Loves You Even More, which I wrote for him after he survived a near fatal bout of Congestive Heart Failure and a six week hospital stay.

Daniel Howard came on stage to help me close out the set and played some great lead guitar on a R.O.C.K. in the USA, Can’t You See, Don’t Think Twice and Proud Mary.

Below are links to some live performance videos from the set.

I hope you enjoy them. Check them out and then come back and vote for your favorite!

Lovin’ the music!


Video Links

Stormy Monday

Tootsie Pop Blues

God Loves You Even More

A Soft, Soft Place To Fall

Guardrails of My Life

If It Looks Like A Duck, It Must Be Love


I Dig Rock-n-Roll Music