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Steve Falter – Performer Profile


166With a style that is relaxed and friendly, and a varied set list of Blues, Rock, Folk, Country and Original songs, Steve entertains with music that takes his audiences back to a simpler time.

Steve is a registered artist with BMI and holds the copyright on more than fifty original songs that he has written since 2000. He has often said that if you line up his songs in chronological order, you can pretty much tell what was going on in his life. Get to know Steve, and you may become a part of his musical history!

Steve mainly performs as a solo artist and brings other musicians into “The Steve Falter Project” when a band is called for. He previously performed with the Old White Guys, a Blues & Rock Band that he formed in 2004.

He shares his love of music by teaching both Guitar and Live Performance Techniques.

Genres – Acoustic, Blues, Rock, Folk, Country, Christian and Original Songs

CD – Steve’s first CD, Songs of Life, Love, Faith & Silliness, contains eleven original songs including Thinkin’ ‘Bout You, which was a nominee for the 2009 Songwriters’ Showcase of America Song of the Year. It is available for purchase at Steve’s gigs.

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