Urgent Your Help Needed – Florida Medicaid Reform

My son, Chris, and many other people here in Florida with disabilities need your help. Help with something you’ve heard of, but probably haven’t had to deal with personally…. Medicaid. Specifically, Medicaid Reform.

Like any large program, Medicaid has its flaws but, overall, it has done a decent job for Chris. We had no problem getting excellent services when he was admitted to the hospital with Congestive Heart Failure several years ago and his ongoing medical needs are well taken care of.

Under Medicaid Reform, the program would be handled by an HMO. As proposed, both the level and quality of care available to Chris, and others could change dramatically, and for the worse.

Medicaid Reform will happen, that we know, but we are trying to get the disabilities part of the program exempted and left as-is. While other recipients of Medicaid are capable of making choices and decisions, the disabilities clients… our children…. are not.

This is not a ballot item, so our elected officials must be contacted if we are to succeed. I have already received responses to several emails I sent this past Saturday.

Please watch this Short Video , learn what’s going on and how you can help Chris and others, like him. Then, write your elected officials and ask them to leave the Medicaid Disabilities Waiver program as-is.

You can also visit Florida United for Choice for more information, sample letters to send to your elected officials. Join the discussions on Facebook at  Florida United for Choice Facebook.

Also, please forward this to everyone you know who lives in Florida.


Steve, Chris and many others


2 thoughts on “Urgent Your Help Needed – Florida Medicaid Reform

  1. Cheers to you Steve and Chris, continuing the fight for right. Someone must do something, anybody can, please take time to make a call, write a letter, because if you don’t then nobody may, be somebody! All men are created equal, and have the right to pursue…….some of us just need help pursue those rights for others who are unable.

  2. Since this article was originally published, and the video produced, Mike Haridopolos, President of the Florida Senate, has told Florida United For Choice that he agrees with their position.

    Please let him, and your representatives in Florida and DC that we support this. We cannot afford to have the ball dropped!

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