Some Recent Comments from my ReverbNation Fans

I really love your music. Very talented! Love the feel and the lyric!! Great work!! Joe

Stopping by for a listen Steve! Awesome Music! Much Respect Melody

Just dropped in for a listen. Great job. JV

Hello from France, thanks for this ouest music

Absolutely LOVE “Soft, soft place to fall” Keep this up man!! Ila

Hello Steve from Tulsa, Oklahoma! You are very versatile and have an impressive lineup of music. Love your genuineality (if that’s even a word LOL!) Best Wishes – Angie

Awesome songs. Love the vocals. keep them coming.

Hi Steve, Like what you are doing in “She Said Yes”. I like the progressions. Stormy

Hi Steve ~ … Excellent originals..Love the smooth sound of your vocals and the guitars. Like to hear more of the praise. Without Jesus we are nothing but an empty shell. good luck to you in all that you do. xxoo Miss KAT

Great music!!! 🙂

What a great time we live in ,to have the internet as a vehicle.Well what a nice touch in your music the message is important as well.Thank you is not enough

Steve, great to know you…, there is great honestly to your music, which I love. Nice voice!! Susan

Steve! What a great sense of humor you have!! I love your original songs, and you have such a fabulous voice! Best of luck to you in everything you do! David

Hi Steve, I listened to some of your music and I really liked it! Great acoustic guitar and vocals. Liked the variety. Some very funny songs! Blessings, Take care, Jeannie

Steve, nice to meet you at the Deland Original Music Festival 2009! Your music is fun, your  songs are easy to listen to, and your smile lights up the room! Gail

Nice soothing and honest music-I like! Peace

Hey Steve, I just became a fan. I really enjoyed listening to your music!

Hi Steve! I enjoyed visiting your page and listening to your music. I enjoyed the songs you cover, as well! You have great feeling and your live presentations are well-performed. Very mood-setting…it felt as if I was right there listening to the performance!!! Wishing you all the best and much continued success.  Much Love, DD

Thanks to everyone who took the time to write!

BTW, I now have several Ringtones, Music Downloads and a few other items available at My Store

Taking you back to a simpler time… with music,

Steve Falter

Songwriter, Musician, Entertainer, Instructor

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