06/18/10 & 06/25/10 Gig Report– Open Mic Fridays at Cork & Olive Lake Mary

Two reports in one today, talking about our new All Originals format. Most of our musicians are songwriters so, when we decided to go back to the 60’s and 70’s Coffee House theme, it has been well received at Lake Mary Cork&Olive.

Now you get to experience the area’s best songwriters performing in one great location!

On the 18th, Ron Rich started us off with some of his wonderful songs, spanning both the Country and Folk Genres. You may hear Ron’s songs for the first time, but he has a way of making them feel familiar to you right off the bat. Ron spent some time in Nashville and has toured a good part of the U.S., so he’s got some interesting stories about the inspiration behind his songs. You can check out Ron at http://cabinsong.com.

After Mike Borek finished a powerful set of his originals, Ron and I got up and accompanied one other while taking turns playing a few more of each of our originals. Man, that was fun!

The 25th was our second All Originals night and it pretty much picked up where we left off on the 18th. We had three new OMF musicians and about ten new listeners, so it was a very full evening.

Jenn Weidley and Ron Simkay (hope I spelt that right!) took the stage and treated us to a great set with strong vocals and sweet harmonies backed up by guitar, fiddle and flute. Jenn’s been trying to get here for awhile, but had some serious matters to tend to, so it was a real treat for us to have her and Ron here. Their friend, Julia, was along and, let me tell you, it’s great having her in the audience!

Burnin’ Vernon Miller, one of my old Blues Scene friends, followed Jenn and Ron. Vernon was original a horn player, but he’s added guitar to his musical arsenal, but you’d never know it’s a recent addition. Vernon’s take on things is a hoot, he’s animated as all get out and his songwriting stretches way beyond just Blues. You can check him out at http://www.reverbnation.com/burninvernon. When you meet Vernon, be sure to ask how he got his nickname. You might be surprised!

Brothers Jon and Steve Martino were back, after a few weeks of vacation. Boy, we missed ‘em! Great sound, easy to listen to AND they performed a new song that John wrote recently. When these two take the stage, they always make the room seem just a little friendlier. It’s hard to believe that’s even possible, but John and Steve do it every time!

We had nice crowd of listeners tonight, including Tom and Denise, Steve, Denise and her husband and Bryan’s crew of four, and they wanted more, so Jenn, Ron and Vernon gave it to them. By the way, Bryan has a Jazz band called Stillborn Scarlet and they’ll be showing up soon, so make sure you don’t miss it.

As usual, Amy and Stephanie made sure everyone was well taken care of and struck a few stage poses for the camera. A special thank you to Lake Mary Cork&Olive Owner/Sommelier Antoney for allowing us to bring our music to you in his shop. This is one of the most unique, knowledgeable and well stocked wine shops you’ll find anywhere, so please be sure to support them and, when you do, let Antoney know you enjoyed the Open Mic Fridays experience.

Check out our short video Open Mic Fridays with Steve Falter

Taking you back to a simpler time… with music,


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