06/11/10 Gig Report– Open Mic Fridays at Cork & Olive Lake Mary

Another great night of music and new friends at Lake Mary Cork&Olive.

Amy and Stephanie were off tonight and Brandy did an outstanding job taking care of us all night long and making everyone feel right at home. Thanks, Brandy!

Also, many thanks to David St. Pierre from That Deli! for the outrageously good soup everyone got to sample and enjoy. I only do business with people and venues that I can rave about, and That Deli! is no exception. Let’s just say that, when I go there, I don’t even look at the menu. I just let them give me whatever they feel like and I have never been disappointed. David will be here the 2nd Friday of each month with samples of their terrific food.

Some of our regular musicians were out of town, but no problem as three new OMF musicians showed up. I’m telling you, we are never at a loss for music here. Every week, some of the area’s best talent shows up to entertain you!

Brad Beard started us off with a killer set including some terrific original material. Brad is a friend of one of our regulars, John Cunningham, and he was joined by his lovely new bride, Carole, and her mom, Joyce. What a nice group of people, and they’ll be coming back.

Next up was OMF Newbie Kevin McDonough. I’ve known Kev for awhile as a musician and from the gym. It’s always a pleasure to have Kevin in the house. He delivered a solid set and included a few songs that I love to hear, but I just can’t sing ‘em. At the end of the night, he played some sweet Blues harp on one of my originals, Julie’s Dentist Visit Blues.

Mark Middlebrooks took the stage and knocked out a killer set. We finally got to hear him sing and it was worth the wait. Mark did some cool interpretations of a few standards that took us straight down memory lane.

Greg Jameson did some nice country numbers for his second time at OMF and came up to join in on vocals for a few songs in my closing set. It’s always a pleasure, Greg. I’m glad you’re with us and getting up on stage!

Finally, long time musician friends, and OMF Newbies, Mara and Hannah Silies took the stage and thoroughly entranced everyone. This mother-daughter duo has vocal harmonies that are unparalleled. Jaw dropping is the term that comes to mind. When you can totally engage other musicians in the room, and all conversation stops, that says a lot. I’ve been tryin’ my best to get Mara and Hannah down from Daytona, and it finally paid off!

Once again, my thanks to Lake Mary Cork&Olive owner Antoney Manipadem for letting us use his wonderful store for Open Mic Fridays.

Ladies, stay tuned. We have a weekly special mid-day treat in the works for you. It should be ready to start up towards the end of the month. You’ll be pampered, entertained, and go home with a romantic dinner for two and a specially selected bottle of wine. It will make your day a little easier and help you set the stage for a nice relaxed evening at home!

Check out our short video Open Mic Fridays with Steve Falter

Taking you back to a simpler time… with music,


By the way, check out my newest song, If I Could Be Your Mirror. and leave a comment with your thoughts. The story behind the song is here http://wp.me/pOmmi-dT

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