06/07/10 Gig Report – Mayfair Mondays at Mayfair Country Club

Our second Mayfair Monday brought some more new friends in to enjoy the great food, service, atmosphere and music. We had an assortment of golfers, families and a group of ladies saying goodbye to a friend who is moving to Alaska.

April, Christina, Crystal and Theresa provided their usual excellent service to our guests and everybody was raving about Chef Arthur’s food, course by course, as it came to their tables. Tonight I had the house salad with Chef Arthur’s home made creamy lemon dressing and the Pork Tenderloin with stuffing and mixed veggies and I could barely finish it, there was so much food. By the way, that salad dressing is crazy good!

Meanwhile, back on the stage….. the Mayfair crowd really seems to like making song requests and I love it. After all, I’m here to play what you folks want to hear. Remember, if I don’t know your song or artist, I’ll learn it for next week. Just come on back and ask for it again.

In tonight’s slideshow you’ll see Di, Cherie and Amy saying farewell to Glenda. She’s driving to Alaska and Di dedicated and sang Me and Bobby McGee for her. There’s also a pic of Di singing, too. A shot of one of our family tables is there and  I had the pleasure of taking a picture with April, Christina and Theresa.

I tell you, GM Steve Phillips is building the dinners at Mayfair into a great evening out, so what are you waiting for? He’s also running some incredible membership specials. Come and experience it for yourself

I’ll see you there!

Taking you back to a simpler time… with music,


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