05/28/10 Weekend Gig Report– Open Mic Fridays at Cork & Olive Lake Mary

This will come as no surprise if you’ve been to Open Mic Fridays or read my Weekend Gig Reports but, Man – O – Man! Another great night!

With the Memorial Day weekend and the Magic in the NBA Playoffs, listener turnout was on the light side. In other words, if you didn’t come out, all you had was a humid, wet night and another disappointment for the cost of your tickets (or cable TV). If you did come out, you had 3 hours, count ‘em, 3 hours of music by some of the best local talent, including five musicians you haven’t heard at Open Mic Fridays before! Thanks to my friends Marc and Dawn, a great couple (first time at OMF) and the other folks who came out to listen.

OK, here’s the recap. After my opening set, Sharon Lowe came up and her daughter, Becca, was with her. Together, they are Bella Rana and. Lucky for us, their evening gig was rained out and where else are the girls gonna play? You have to catch this duo, they are incredible!

Next up was Dell Hoyt, familiar to my Open Mics, but first time at OMF. Dell’s sets are…. well, you really have to experience them. I love his rendition of One Meatball, a cool, Bluesy Depression era song. In fact, I’m hijacking it into my set list! Everyone was singing along on the chorus, as well as with Me and Bobby Magee.

Peter and Mark got up and delivered another one of their solid sets with a mixture of Jazz, Rock and Blues. It’s great when they duo because Mark and Peter sound so good together and you never know if Mark will be on bass or guitar. Very cool!

Following them was another OMF first-timer Nash Rambler. I’ve heard of Nash, but had never heard him perform before. You’ve got to catch his act. Lots of great original lyrics, wonderful picking. Just an overall cool sound and vibe. He even performed his submission for the new state song, Florida, My Home. I can’t believe it wasn’t selected!

Greg Jameson, another OMF first-timer followed Nash and gave us a solid set starting off with Zac Brown’s Chicken Fry, which includes a very patriotic verse. Perfectly dedicated, this Memorial Day weekend, to those who have served our country. I’m looking forward to hearing more of Gregg’s material.

My good friend, and songwriting collaborator, Parlor Jones (yes, another OMF first-timer) finished off the night with a mix of originals along with some Beatles and Blues covers. We also gave our first collaboration, If I Could Be Your Mirror, its public debut. Parlor is a phenomenal musician, a great friend and my official photographer. Yep, he’s responsible for those new pics you all voted on.

By the way, starting in June, That Deli! will have samples of their delicious, fresh made food at the 2nd Open Mic Fridays of the month. I am in the process of setting up other value added specials for each week of the month, so stay tuned.

I also recommend that you check out, and consider supporting, B.A.S.E. CAMP Children’s Cancer Foundation. They provide valuable, and much needed, programs to our Cancer stricken community.

Enjoy the slideshow, below, check out my videos and feel free to leave comments in the box below. There you have it. Need I say more?

Taking you back to a simpler time… with music,


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