What are your thoughts on this Memorial Day?

I wrote the following  in response to The Forgotten, written by a long time friend, about Memorial Day and those who have bravely served our country.

“Great writing, perspective and tribute, Gary. You know that I missed going to Viet Nam, in 1974, by exactly one week. I had orders to report for my physical, they stopped the draft and told me to stay home. Had it been scheduled one day earlier, I would have been there.

I had no intentions of not going, although in my youthful naivety, I didn’t really understand much more than the media showed us.  I did understand that my chances for survival would have been slim.

I served many years as a Firefighter and EMT. I experienced risking my life, saving and losing lives, putting my life in other people’s hands and them trusting me with their lives. Many things in common with military service, yet, at the same time, different in so many ways.

I am thankful for, and never take for granted, the courage and personal sacrifice made by everyone who has served our country and made our freedoms possible.

So here I am, celebrating another one of the 365 Memorial Days of 2010.”

What are your thoughts?




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