05/14/10 Weekend Gig Report– Open Mic Fridays at Cork & Olive Lake Mary

Another great night of music with both new and returning musicians, in addition to our anchors, and meeting new friends!

It was to great to see Bob and Christine Levings again. It’s been a while and Bob treated us to some great original material. He and Christine also had about ½ dozen friends along, so we’ve got some new faces in the slideshow. What a nice group, I hope they’ll be back.

Carly Jo was our newest musician and, let me tell you, this girl has got talent. Her set was delivered well with a mix of originals and covers. She is fairly new to playing and performing, but you wouldn’t know it. I’m sure she’ll be back, so come check her out.

Mike and Stephanie came in, with Mike’s parents, in time to catch a few of our “Anchor Sets” by brothers John & Steve Martino and Peter Murphy. I love listening to these guys. Always fresh material, easy and fun to listen to, they make you want to come back for more. By the way, I’m hoping we’ll get Mike and Stephanie on stage soon. They are just the nicest couple and I can’t wait to hear them perform together!

Bud Hedinger arrived with is brother-in-law and niece, in time to catch a few sets. This was their first time at Open Mic Fridays and I think they’ll be back. Amy and Stephanie did their usual wonderful job taking care of everybody and we all had a great time.

Enjoy the slideshow.

Taking you back to a simpler time…. with music,


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