Photo Shoot Winners and One More Vote

The response for your favorites from my Photo Shoot with

Abba Photography was incredible! Here are your top picks from each group.


These shots will be used in my Promo Materials, depending on whether portrait or landscape orientation is called for.


I need your help one more time, to select my Photo Banner. Which one do you like better, Left or Right?


This has been a very cool experience. Your votes and feedback have been inspiring, to say the least.

Be sure to check my Weekend Gig Report postings with write-ups and slide shows, as well as articles on music, entertainment and marketing tips.

My current schedule is on the right side of your screen. Just click on a show and you’ll have all the info and a map to get you there.

Taking you back to a simpler time… with music,


One thought on “Photo Shoot Winners and One More Vote

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