Which pic do you like best from this grouping? Help select my new promo shot.

I had the pleasure of doing my first professional photo shoot with Gary Davids of Abba Photography. Gary and his wife, Marty, have operated Abba Photography since 1990 and they are not only true professionals, but artists as well. The shoot was done at their outdoor studio which is like using different locations without leaving their property!

The only problem is there are too many great shots for me to pick one. That’s where you come in. Over the next week or two, I’m asking you to pick your favorite shot from each grouping. There are six groupings, three with my acoustic guitar and three with my electric.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for your help, and remember, if you need any type of photo shoot, I recommend Gary and Marty Davids of Abba Photography.

Abba Photography specializing in business and family portraiture for   20 years.

Located   conveniently in Central Florida.

Office: 407-672-1121

Cell: 407-617-5622




2 thoughts on “Which pic do you like best from this grouping? Help select my new promo shot.

  1. Steve,
    I LOVED the close up with guitar. very professional. Gary and Marty do good work. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The close up of you on a slight diagonal looked the best to me. I would like to see some taken inside with a darker background and some interesting side lighting and balanced fill.

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