Weekend Gig Report – 03/26/10 Open Mic Fridays at Cork & Olive


Awesome group tonight. Thanks to Herb, Lady J, all the other musicians that made it real. Every week, we get new musicians joining us and rotating in with great material.

 I didn’t realize how much I missed playing with Herb until last night. We played, we grooved, we conquered! Lady J knocked out some solid classics. She’s got that Etta James sound going and Etta happens to be one of my favorite female singers.

Peter came up next with a fresh set and even got to groove a bit with Herb. Mike showed up and delivered his usual spot-on performance before joining Lady J for Stormy Monday and God Bless The Child. Awesome! Next, we met Jairo who did a number from his native home. Colombia.

Antoney, Amy & Stephanie did a great job, as always, taking care of everyone. We also had our largest listening crowd tonight, including several returning couples. They all told me how much they enjoyed the evening’s music.

 My sincere thanks to all of you as we continue to grow Open Mic Fridays.


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2 thoughts on “Weekend Gig Report – 03/26/10 Open Mic Fridays at Cork & Olive

  1. That was an amazing night of great songs by excellent musicians and singers, in particular Lady J. Hope to see her again.

  2. Steve, Would have attended Sat, jam; but was blessed with tickets
    to Casting Crowns concert , at Calvary.
    It was amazing time of music,, and worship, testmonies.
    Are going to be at Cork & Olive again? looks as all had great time of
    music. Blessings, Cherie’

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