Weekend Gig Report 03/20 – 03/21/10 – Penachos & Open Mic Sundays

Saturday at Penachos was INSANE! But in a good way. The main dining room was packed with young ‘uns and the volume level was definitely up there. I think there were Booth People, too, but I’m not really sure (only kidding)!

There was one large group celebrating Ann Marie’s birthday and they were having a great time. Eventually, the whole room of students started throwing requests at me and, much to my surprise, and delight, they were all the songs I was listening to in the ‘70’s! Then they all started taking turns and passing the tambourine and Cabasa around. We went non-stop until about 8:30 and I pulled a solid 1 ½ hour set. Not bad for an old rocker, eh? We had another wave of people come in at 9pm and I stayed until about 10pm since we were having such a great time.

We had plenty of Booth People throughout the night, and Shiloh, Janett and CJ did great job of keeping everyone happy. That’s a picture of Shiloh making one of Penachos signature Margeritas, with her signature smile!

We’ve got a ton of new things in store for you at the end of April, so come on out and be a part of it. You’ll have a great time, I guarantee it!




This was our 9th week for Open Mic Sundays and each week brings it’s own pleasant surprises. The weather was pretty bad in the afternoon and I think a lot of the musicians were scared off by the rain. The seats were filling up anyway, so I started off just entertaining the crowd. The weather cleared around 5pm and Bob and Naomi showed up to play around 5:30-6pm.

I met Bob when he came to Open Mic Friday and, true to his word, here he was on Sunday. Bob has a great style of songwriting and playing and we enjoyed about 30 minutes of it. I hope he becomes a regular, Bob is a very talented musician.

Naomi came in with her family and we did several songs together. Jason and the boys even made some noise with the tambourine with us. Naomi just keeps improving every week and that is what Open Mics are all about, giving people the chance to perform, grow and share their love of music.

Just like Saturday, we had another wave of people come in about 7pm and I just couldn’t leave them sitting without music. Yeah, I played until about 8pm (I think my fingers were yelling at me and begging for mercy).

We had several newcomers, who will be back, and lots of familiar faces, including one of my favorite Booth Families, Chuck, Judith & Joseph. That’s Joseph playing tambourine along with a few of my songs. BTW, that’s Chef Nora (upper right) hard  at work on some new menu items!

Another fantastic weekend at Penachos. If you haven’t made it out yet, you really should. It’s well worth the trip!

“Living the dream!”


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