Weekend Gig Report 03/19/10 – Open Mic Fridays


Our second Open Mic Fridays at Cork & Olive was fantastic! The word keeps spreading and we had three new musicians perform – Naomi, Bob and Ron.

After my opening set, Naomi (my favorite student) came up and we played Southern Voice, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (the very nice Avril LaVigne version) and Can’t You See. Great job, Naomi. You get better every week!

Next up was Bob who performed a solid set of original songs. I really enjoyed Bob’s playing style and voice, which thoroughly helped bring his wonderful lyrics to life. Bob and his lovely wife, Christine, stayed with us long enough for us to hear a second set of his great songs. Thanks, for coming, and I look forward to seeing in Deland for Open Mic Sundays, too.

Ron took the stage and, let me tell you, this man was born to be on stage. What a songwriter and storyteller! Ron’s songs were sweet to listen to and completely entertaining. Ron also performs a John Denver tribute as well as Roy Orbison. When he closed his second set with Roy’s “Crying”, it was clear just how well Ron performs his tribute sets and covers the vocal range that few male singers can.

The Lauren Rebel Band (Lauren, Dean & Larry) was next and, as always, delivered a solid set of original songs and a few covers. I’ve been listening to the LRB for about a year, now, and I always hear something new in their songs, even ones I’ve heard a few times before. That is something that impresses me in a band and speaks to the quality of their songs and performance.

Next up was Peter. What can I say about Peter? He is another performer I’ve been listening to over the last year. One of the things I like is not only his mix of original material and covers but each week he brings plenty of fresh songs for us AND his performance gets stronger every time Peter takes the stage.

OK, time for Mike. Mike is one of those musicians who you just know you can always count on. The combination of his playing style, voice and delivery is just so solid. When you listen to Mike, I guarantee you will feel every emotion that he felt when he first wrote the song. Not only that, but when he does a cover, you’ll be singing every word right along with him. Now, that’s entertainment!

We also learned about the B.A.S.E. Camp Childhood Cancer Foundation whose mission is to help children, and their families, who are dealing with the fight against Cancer. Please check out their web site http://ww.basecamp.org and support them in any way you can.

We had several folks, including Ronda, Scott, Val and a few others, hang out to enjoy the music and wine while Stephanie and Amy did a great job taking care of everyone. I have to tell you, I am so blessed to be allowed to be in the presence of so many wonderful people every week. I guess you could say I’m “living the dream”!


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