Weekend Gig Report for Friday, 03/12 /10 – Sunday, 03/14/10


Our first Open Mic – Fridays at Cork & Olive in Lake Mary was terrific! 

Several of my musician friends, Lauren, Dean and Larry (with the Lauren Rebel Band), Mike and Peter, came and absolutely tore it up. I started us off with a few fingerpicked numbers and Larry sang harmony with me on The Pure Prairie League’s “Amy”, which I always sing when Amy is working. 

The LRB got up and knocked out some of their terrific original music along with a few covers. If you haven’t heard this group, you have to come out. Lauren has got an incredible voice. I can’t adequately describe it, so you’ll just have to come out and hear them for yourself. 

While LRB was up, Mike arrived and I got him up next. Man, what a set he put on for us. I just love his version of Love Potion #9 and he’s got some really cool original songs, too. I let Peter get through about half of his wine when I got him on stage (I had to promise to watch his glass!). He gave us a solid set, well delivered and as good as I’ve ever heard him sound. 

We also had a fundraiser going on for the American Cancer Society. Please remember that the annual Relay for Life will be taking place, around the country, in April. If you need info on the one nearest you, just let me know and I’ll get you going in the right direction. My mother died of Cancer in 1973, when there were no real treatments, so I try to do everything I can to support the American Cancer Society in helping patients and families deal with this awful disease. 

Everyone sounded so good that they all took a second set. The best part is, all the musicians loved the store, the staff, the acoustics and, of course, me and they are all going to help spread the word and will be coming back. 


Saturday night at Penachos was kickin’, as usual. We had a good mix of new and familiar faces, the kitchen was running non-stop, the staff were their usual super-friendly selves and I had so much fun with the crowd, that I forgot to take pictures! Amber did take one of me, so here it is. We were all having such a good time, that the end of the night snuck up on me. 


Open Mic – Sundays at Penachos had some real treats in store for us, this week. Folks were arriving to eat, pretty much non-stop, from 4pm to close. The musicians, on the other hand, forgot to set their clocks ahead and showed up a little later than usual. No problem. I just started playing some songs that have been collecting dust for awhile. Suffice it to say, many of them are getting put back into my sets. 

Brett came up and delivered some solid tunes. I have to tell you, this man has got some voice! David Potter showed up a little later with his violin/fiddle and we did several songs together. We’ve played in the same room many times, over the last few years, but this is the first time we played together. It sounded so sweet that I lost my place a few times. No problem, David just took some extra solo time. 

After David played a solo set, Joe came in a performed a few of his original songs. His love for the Lord is obvious in his playing and lyrics and Joe always has an effect on the audience. 

I closed the evening out a little after 8pm with a few sing-alongs and made sure I remembered to take pics. 

We should have some more new faces next weekend and I hope you can make it out to join us. 



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