Tips for Proper Microphone Usage

  1. Position mic on stand a little above your mouth and pointed towards your mouth.
  2. Speak into the mic at all times.
  3. Do a quick sound check using words with ‘hard’ sounds. For example: “Pop, Pop, Popsicle. Bike, Bike, Bicycle, Test, Test, Testing 1, 2, 3.” Speak just a little louder than your normal speaking voice.
  4. Never point mics toward any speaker – this will cause feedback (that loud howling sound).
  5. Never point mics toward another mic – this will cause feedback (that loud howling sound).
  6. Never wrap wires tightly and/or with sharp bends in them….. eventually they will break (inside, where you can’t see) and you will wonder why your microphone suddenly isn’t working.

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