Weekend Update for 02/25 – 02/28/10

Thursday night at Cork & Olive was packed with at least 100 people and they started arriving early. I’ll tell you, Antoney knows how to host a party! The shop was full of people sampling his great selection of wines, eating some awesome food by Weddings To Wings Catering, perusing two tables of jewelry and a great selection of lotions and gels for the ladies. There was also a Barrista with the best smelling Espresso (I didn’t get a chance to try it, but I will next time). Oh, did I mention there was the best live music and vibe, too?

I know I have raved about this shop in the past, but with the new layout, you won’t find a better wine shop experience and selection anywhere around!

We’re talking about setting up a few regular dates each month at the Cork & Olive, so stay tuned and watch the show schedule.

 Saturday was my first time at the Deland Bike Rally. Manny told me it would be busy and to plan on Rockin’ out for this crowd. It was cold and raining until about 2:30pm, but we still had a decent crowd indoors and over 500 people outdoors. I had a blast with our group in Penachos. We rocked, we did sing alongs, we joked and even had fun at the expense of some of the passers by. I had a floor monitor speaker outside and some folks didn’t get that I was talking to them from inside the restaurant. Then one young man kept running his throttle and even the bikers inside were getting tired of it (and, yes, I used to ride about 35 years ago). Anyway, I cranked up the volume on the PA, went outside (I was wireless) and blasted him with Born to Be Wild. He finally took off and everyone cheered. Like I said, loads of fun.So much that I didn’ttake too many pictures. I hope we have better weather next year.


Sunday was our 6th Open Mic Sundays and we had our usual great time. A lot of people were preoccupied with Bike Week and we had a lighter turnout than usual but we more than made up for it in quality, heart and audience participation! I was in a real fingerpickin’ mood for my opening set. I don’t know what got into me but, after all these years of playing, I’ve learned not to argue with the muse.

After my opening set, Bill took the stage and, let me tell you, he absolutely tore it up! Rev. Gary Davis, Grateful Dead and more. Pardon my language but Bill just kicked ass! I also enjoy watching how much Kathryn enjoys Bill enjoying himself on stage. I can tell you from experience that there’s nothing quite like playing to a very special audience of one in a crowd!

I’m always happy to see Brett come in. I like Brett, but mostly it’s that his lovely wife Carole comes with him. There, I said it! Anyway, Brett came up and played some terrific songs straight from the heart. One of things I really admire about him is how much effort Brett puts into his song selection and practice.

I came back up for a few rockin’ out songs and then Bill took another kick a#$ set while I ate my dinner prepared by Chef Nora, herself! Next up was Tad, who was volunteered by his friends. Tad was a first timer at Open Mic Sunday, but definitely not a first timer performing on stage! Folsom Prison Blues, Doobie Brothers and a few more. Great set, Tad. He’s a local and promised he’ll be back.

I closed the evening out with some requests from our now-rowdy-and-revved-up crowd.


All in all, another awesome weekend of music. I am truly blessed, and humbled, that I am allowed to pursue my true passion of music every week!

Come on out, it’s absolutely contagious!


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