Do You Know The Four Levels of Competency?

The Four Levels of Competency

I would like to share something with you that I explain to all of my students, to give them a perspective of their progress and areas of improvement. I call it the Four Levels of Competency.

1. Unconsciously Incompetent – You’re brand new and you don’t know what you don’t know.

2. Consciously Incompetent – You learn a little and start to realize what you don’t know. This can be scary, but stick with it and you will become….

3. Consciously Competent – You have to think about what to do. It seems like hard work, but eventually you’ll be…

4. Unconsciously Competent – You’re on auto-pilot. You don’t have to think about what to do.

Think of a skill that you have mastered. Now think back over the learning process. There you go. You’ve done this many times before and know that it can be done!

I hope this makes the learning process easier and helps motivate you to achieve your dreams.

What are your thoughts?

All the best,


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