02/13/2010 Penachos Mexican Grill

Man, what a great weekend… AGAIN!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, y’all helped us blow the roof off!

We had over one hundred people…. Yeah, 100+…..and four birthdays…. Yeah, 4 Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to Emily who had 20+ friends throw her a surprise party. What a great group they had. Not only that, but Emily is into Monty Python (we’re doing the pose from the killer rabbit scene). Very cool. These Phi Beta Pi girls know how to have fun!


Aden and his family celebrated his 10th birthday with us. That’s Aden on the lower left. Joined by all the other great “Booth People” they helped us make every feel welcome and joined in on the sing alongs!


Mary celebrated her 89th birthday with 3 generations of her family. Mary looked pretty darned good in the Penachos (Aztec plumes) and her whole table was in on all the fun – making requests, singing along and welcoming newcomers. That’s Mary and her family on the lower right.


Jean donned the Penachos for her birthday. Rich and James were with her and their friend Mary, yes, birthday Mary, spent some time visiting with them. Thanks for being such a great sport, Jean. See, we really do get out “Booth People” in on the act!



Last, but not least, our very own Amber celebrated her 18th birthday with us. The whole restaurant, guests and staff, joined in to sing and cheer for Amber on her big, milestone birthday. That’s Chef Nora on the right while Amber wears the Penachos and holds her birthday flan and basket of custom made sweets.

So, we were having so much fun that I pulled another two hour set. Gotta go easy on this old man, folks!

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