02/06 and 02/07/2010 Penachos Mexican Grill


Man, what a great weekend… AGAIN!

SATURDAY we had a kickin’ crowd ALL night at Penachos. So kickin’ that I didn’t even take a break between my 2nd and 3rd sets. That’s right, this old man knocked out 2 hours straight! As always, the best food, service and atmosphere attract the nicest people to our dining room. Our guests got into the act, not only on the sing alongs, but welcoming the new guests as they came in. Where else are you goin to find that?

Open Mic Sundays – This was our fourth week and we had four new (to us) players join us, as well as many returning muscians. Not only that, we have been completely filling up the booth side two to three times a night with, as I call them, “Booth People”. We get everyone into the act and, I have to tell you if there’s a better time to be had elsewhere, I haven’t found it!

Brett came up and knocked out 3 solid numbers for us. He just keeps getting better every week and you know I won’t let him in without his lovely wife, Carol!

Next up was John Cunningham, my friend from many area jams and Central Florida Folk. John is not only a real hoot on stage, but a solid supporter of the local music scene and I appreciate his making the 1 hour trip! We were treated to two great sets by John.

Efrain did an incredible job entertaining us and gave us two sets over the course of the evening. He has a unique style, is incredibly talented and dresses the part. You’ll want to catch his act again!

Perrie happened to be walking by, with some friends, saw the Open Mic sign and stopped in. Let me tell you, this young man has some talent as wel las a love for the Lord and his friends. He did some orignals, including one dedicatedto his good friend Shane, who is serving our country in the US Air Force.

Next up was Brent, who is an extraordinarily talented performer. Great song selection, awesome chops, terrfic stage presence. I was honored, and humbled, when he invited up to accompany him for a few songs. I think we’ll be seeing more of Brent.

Carlos returned and played some sweet electric Blues for us. Very relaxing with a cool vibe. I can’t to hear him at our Christian Open Mic Sunday on the 21st.

Our staff did their usual job of making the evening incredibly easy for me. Janett, Shiloh and Amber delivered the best, and most welcoming, service you will find ANYWHERE. Chef Nora and Sous Chef Isabel prepared the most amazing authentic Mexican food that you’ll ever eat. Manny showed up with Mia and Diego and Janett was able to sit with them and enjoy the music as a family. I also had the pleasure of meeting Manny and Nora’s parents. NOW I know why they are such wonderful people to work with.

In case you can’t tell, I love my weekends at Penachos. Check out the pics from both nights and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Thanks to all of you great guests, musicians and staff for making each weekend an experience worth writing about!


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