Open Mic Sundays 01/31/2010


Another great night of friends and music. We didn’t shut down ’til 9pm!

It was the first time out for Marlon, Di and Jimbo from my Orange/Seminole Musician friends and Jim from Volusia. Austin returned with his keyboard and we had four new musician friends come out, Corbin, Roger her dad, Carlos, and Ventura, not to mention three musicians who stopped in to check it out, and will be coming back to perform.

Marlon plays harp with me in the Old White Guys Band and we teamed up for several numbers. His lady, Di, was getting over a cold so we’ll have to wait for their next visit to hear her golden pipes!

Jimbo and I have played the same room many times, over the last year. He’s got some great original material and I would kill to have his voice! He also jammed with Marlon and I on a few Blues numbers. Very cool!

Jim came out and absolutely NAILED his set and we jammed on some folkie and Blues tunes for his second time up.

Austin did a great job on vocals and keys and then followed up with an accapella number.

Corbin has got a great voice and incredible stage presence period, let alone for someone her age. Roger, her dad, has some nice song selection and pickin’ that match his voice perfectly. Stay tuned, they’ll be back.

Roger and Carlos came in a bit later and did some worship songs in Spanish. I just had to get up and harmonize with them in English. Man, I just couldn’t stay in my seat when I heard them! They did a few more numbers and then we jammed on Can’t You See, Proud Mary, ROCK in the USA, All Shook Up and Runaround Sue.

Shiloh, Janet, Nora and Isabel were working their tails off all night and everyone was raving about the food and service (that’s nothing new to me!). Folks came in and didn’t want to leave. Manny, you’re gonna have to come in and give the ladies a hand…..

Each week, we keep drawing more folks to just eat, relax and enjoy the music. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the couple who, after hearing a little music last Sunday and came back as a party of 12.

My mission this week is to get a few sound clips up from our first three nights, so check back.

Just sharing the love of music and lovin’ it!



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