My local custom builder and luthier is Chellee Guitars

My local custom builder/luthier is Chellee Guitars. Peter Taylor builds electrics, acoustics and, after my sparking his interest (shameless plug) effects pedals. My guitar is the BluesBlender. In addition to custom wound single coils and humbucker, it has a Fishman PowerBridge. I’ve played it at open mics and when the other musicians hear it, they all want to know where the great acoustic sound is coming from.

I’m a full time musician and the BB serves as my “Acoustic” for about 50% – 70% of my sets, with my Taylor 314CE Ltd handling the balance. Yeah, it plays and sounds THAT good!

The BluesBlender is featured as the background on the Chellee home page and you read more about at the Gallery page. This man’s work is not only incredible, but incredibly meticulous! I have known Peter for about 8 years and can vouch for him as a true man of integrity, in his life, as well as in his work.

Check out Peter’s work at


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