Second Open Mic Sunday at Penachos

Well, it was a great weekend, all around. Saturday night, we had a great crowd for my solo set. Our following has been growing steadily and it’s nice to see familiar faces every week!

Our 2nd Open Mic Sundays was a rousing success with so many of my musician friends showing up – Wes, the consummate Open Mic host and performer – Bill & Rick, what a duo they are with sweet guitar, mandolin and vocals – Brett, with nice song selection and a talent that’s coming along quite nicely – Mara & Hannah, with the nicest female harmonies you’ll hear anywhere and great stage presence –

and my new friend, Bruce, who with his lovely wife, Carol, recently moved down from Mystic, CT (a historical seaport town that I‘ve visited many times). Bruce has a varied set spanning several genres and I’m looking forward to hearing more…

Now the crowd – Terri and her crew of 10 very nicely filled out 1/3 of the dining room, Brett, Bill and Bruce’s wives, along with Kathy, Tom and a few diners filled out the dining room while the booth side was full of folks off the street.

Shiloh worked her tail off, smiling the whole night, and kept everyone happy with help from Janet (as always!). Chef Nora and Isabelle kept the fantastic Mexican cuisine they are so well known for coming out fresh and hot!

When I finally announced that we were done, the “booth people” wouldn’t let us quit, so I did a few more numbers including ROCKin in the USA and Proud Mary, as sing alongs, to close out the night.

If you haven’t stopped by for a Saturday or Sunday evening, you really should. But I warn you, if you do, you’ll be coming back for more!

See you next time.



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