Nov 14th – Deland Music Festival

What a day! I had the privilege of hosting the stage at Penacho’s Mexican Grill and performing three sets of my original songs. It was a nice change from performing 3 hours of covers and the crowd really got into it.

I saw a lot of my musician friends – Brenda, Sharon Lowe, Tom Evans, Wes Malone, Mara. It would’ve been nice to have a chance to jam with them, but the show must go on.

I met several musicians while hosting the stage at Penacho’s and I have to tell you that the talent we had was incredible throughout the day! Ken and Michelle (Beautiful Day), Melanie Fisher, Joe & Joe, Rebecca Tex, Lemore Troia and AJ.

Special thanks to my friends that came out, including Scott, Jay and Paula.

It was a pleasure meeting Manny and the staff at Penacho’s. Their food is hot, fresh and delicious and, if you like Mexican food, you have to stop in for a meal at Penacho’s.

Manny was kind enough to invite me to come back next Saturday to perform for the lunch crowd during the Deland Art Festival.

Watch my show schedule for some new venues, including future dates at Penacho’s.

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